Lew Ward drills his first well in the Sooner Trend.

Ward builds position on the shelf of the Anadarko Basin.

“The Boom” - Ward forms multiple service companies and grows to over 200 employees.

“The Bust” begins and Ward innovates the “Total Turnkey Investment Package” in order to survive. Ward is the only company (drilling contractor) to pay off its debt in full and on time
(Continental Bank of Illinois).

Mid 1980’s
Ward moves into the deep Anadarko Basin. Natural gas is deregulated. Drilling deep, tight gas sands.

Early 1990’s
Ward enters the Arkoma Basin.

Late 1990’s
Ward focuses on what we do best, Exploration and Development and divest of the majority of our service companies.

Mid 1990’s-2005
Ward takes advantage of the Majors exodus from the U.S. making multiple strategic acquisitions.

Natural gas drives our industry. We acquire over 1000 square miles of 3-D seismic exploring the deep, complex mountain front of the Anadarko Basin, drilling up to 23,000’.

Ward drills our first horizontal well in the Anadarko Basin. Over 90% of our wells drilled since are horizontal.

Ward opens our Rockies office and builds Rockies assets. “Resource Plays” and oil drives the industry and Ward focuses on liquids rich plays.

Ward adopts a new vision and strategy for growth. We are focused on projects with 5-10 MMBOE of un-risked resource potential. Ward Energy Partners is formed as a partnership between Ward Petroleum and Trilantic Capital Partners. We elevated our game!